First Test With iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

As the title says—first test with the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil! I used the fantastic Procreate app for this. I played around with the Pencil for about an hour, getting used to its feel in the hand, as well as the sensitivity of the pressure and tilt—all of which are finely tuned and very impressive.

Adventures with Comcast, Part 1

We recently added internet service on September 24th, 2015. We only have a grandfathered-in basic cable TV service, but it was time to upgrade and add internet service to the package. It was all very pleasant on the inquiring phone call—the woman was friendly and answered all my annoying, nerdy questions about the service. It’s much more affordable—and far faster—to go this route, so I pulled the trigger. I will be going from 3Mbps (laughably pathetic) to 75Mbps (a whole new world of “Wow, you can stream 1080p video on the internet?”) and the overall cost will go down $20. Our tech was scheduled to arrive and install another cable outlet on the other side of the house and switch on the internet the next day—today, the 25th—within the window of 3–5 PM.

I’d had an eye on the front yard since 3 PM just to be sure I didn’t miss anybody. All devices were prepped, in their desired locations, and ready to roll. And myself, being nervous about social encounters sometimes—I’d run through the conversation in my head explaining where we needed the outlet, as well as a series of potential followup questions for the tech. I even checked the Xfinity app and noticed the scheduled appointment now had vanished (probably because of the time slipping past the window, but that’s cool, whatever; it was there before, but surely nothing is wrong just yet.)

Here’s the timeline of how that went.

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