MindFad.com Returns

circular mindfad logo (color, LARGE).png

MindFad.com has returned. That which was lost is now found once more, or something to that effect.

I must give a shoutout to my friend Tim who generously went out of his way to help me re-acquire the mindfad.com domain. I had foolishly allowed it to lapse in the late-2000s and it was lost for some years, but I am once again the proud, true owner! Thank you, mister. I shan’t let it lapse again.

So what is this site all about now? Icons? I don’t know. People really aren’t into icons anymore; it’s a mobile world now, and who has time to change pretty icons on their computers? I know there still might be a few of us left. But let’s be honest: those old Nintendo icon sets of mine weren’t that great—they’re not as awesome or particularly well crafted as you might remember. They’re not horrible, but you know what I’m saying. They were certainly fun to make, though, and back in the day I sure was cranking them out with gusto.

But I do still plan on making sets in the future, if a bit smaller in size (no more twenty-icon plus sets). I’d like to make small, four- to six-icon sets from random game series, possibly releasing multiple sets at a time. Hopefully I can find some momentum and get feedback from downloaders on which series and their iconic characters or objects they’d like to see. I’ve got a big potential list to pull from and work has already begun on a small four-icon Metroid set.

As for the rest of the site in general, it will serve as a small portfolio, as well as the public point of contact and current availability of design services I offer. It also serve as my personal blog, so I encourage you to come back and visit! It might be a slow start this year, but I want to post and share more often. It’s hard trying to find a voice and the impetus to write, but I’m gonna try! It’s not about inspiration—it’s about just doing it. Swoosh.

For now, welcome back, thanks for visiting, and please check back in once in a while! If you’d like to say hello, or if you have questions, hit up my contact page, or say hi on Twitter.