Adventures with Comcast, Part 2

Continuing our adventures with Comcast, let’s quickly recap the bullshit from September 25th, 2015—when a tech was expected to arrive between 3–5PM to install an additional outlet—with my timeline below.

Mary ended up scheduling me the earliest that she could—five days later on the 30th, between 3–5 PM. Yesterday, the 26th, I decided to call up again, explain the previous day’s ordeal, and see if, at the very least, I could get my internet switched on right now and I could split the line myself so I can have internet for the next five days.

This time I get Ron. Hey, Ron! He was helpful and friendly, listened to my tale of the ghostly rescheduling, and even went as far as to suggest nefarious third parties messing with my account. When I explained that no one knows that the internet is even being installed but myself, and that the rescheduling event took place during a service call by someone I wasn’t even speaking to, he had no further input or suggestion—other than taking extra security precautions on the account.

After 45 minutes with Ron, he eventually had to separate out the work order (which didn’t even have the correct notation of an outlet installation, therefore increasing the bill for entire adventure another $15) from the internet service, so that it could become active. But wait, Ron didn’t know I already had my own modem! No wonder it wasn’t working! You have to register your own devices with Comcast so they are confirmed and trusted.

So off to the “internet support team” we go, where Ron leaves me with Tom. Now if you asked me to identify, by voice, the spoken word confession of a full-time IT nerd, Tom would’ve been my first choice in a heartbeat. Not to be a dick, but he totally sounded kinda nerdy. He was my kind of people—we hit it off right away with reading out serials numbers and MAC addresses. I impressed him with my knowledge of DNS servers not being properly fed to the devices and some weird IPv6 addresses showing up, and he helped with ways to solve it. And he even thanked me for knowing what the hell—for the most part—I was doing when he didn’t have to explain for twenty minutes how to manually make the AirPort Extreme feed Comcast’s DNS servers to connected devices. Tom was really cool.

Wrapping It Up

I know this story is actually kind of boring and brimming with First World whining, but if it were that bad, you would’ve stopped a long time ago. It feels good to write, even if it’s bullshit! And it gives me something to do on a quiet weekend—and what better than to complain about your first horrible support experience with Comcast?

Wrapping up, I went and bought a splitter and some extra cables, and now I have internet flying across the house from a temporary location until the other outlet is installed. Another cool thing happened, too: Ron said the September 30th appointment moved back from 3–5 to 5–7 PM. Of course it did, Ron.

Edit: September 30th’s Outlet Installation

The outlet installation was pretty straightforward and went off without a hitch. The guys who did it seemed nice enough. I was friendly and accommodating, and I hooked it up with some ice water, because it was hot as balls outside (97°F heat index). All in all, it took about 75 minutes. Service is working fine, all is well.